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Leaders in industrial electrochemistry.

At NORAM Electrolysis Systems Inc. (NESI),

We are dedicated to developing electrochemical processes that tackle the global challenges of climate change, waste management, and pollution from industrial chemical production.

Previously the Electrochemical Business Division of NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd, we have been at the forefront of industrial electrochemistry for over 30 years, serving a wide range of international clients in the resource and environmental sectors. Our flagship technology, the NORSCAND® electrolyser, is a highly adaptable electrochemical cell designed for a range of electrochemical salt-splitting chemistries. The NORSCAND® electrolyser has been successfully integrated into processes for the production of high-purity lithium hydroxide, from either lithium sulphate or lithium chloride, or the recovery of acid and caustic from sodium sulphate. The NORSCAND® system is a highly adaptable platform that can be modified for different process chemistry requirements.

NESI’s Leadership Team

Decades of combined electrochemical experience.

NESI’s leadership team is composed of experienced engineers with a track record of successfully commercializing new electrochemical process technologies. With decades of experience in industrial electrochemistry and a focus on the electrochemical splitting of lithium and sodium salts, we are committed to providing our clients with novel technology, equipment, and engineering packages.

Connected to NORAM

Leveraging resources and expertise for progress.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd., we are able to leverage the resources and expertise of our parent company to bring the most advanced and efficient solutions to our clients. NORAM specializes in developing, engineering, and commercializing technologies for the process and resource industries and has a global reputation for innovation and excellence. This partnership allows us to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services and technologies, from process development and pilot plant design to full-scale plant design and commissioning.
Along with NORAM Engineering, NESI works in close collaboration with its sister companies within the NORAM Group of Companies including BC Research Inc where NESI operates a commercial scale pilot plant and Axton Inc who enable the fabrication and modification of speciality electrochemical cell prototype components and entire modular electrochemical demonstration plants.

Historical Alliances

Partnering with industry leaders to benefit our clients and the environment.

To ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of industrial electrochemistry, we have formed partnerships with other leading companies in the field.

Permascand AB: Our manufacturing partnership with Permascand AB of Sweden enabled the development of the NORSCAND® electrolyser platform. Permascand is a world leader in cell manufacture and DSA anode coatings.

Electrosynthesis Company: It’s all about the fundamentals and our research and development partnership with the Electrosynthesis Company helps us combine their strong fundamental electrochemical R&D capabilities with our experience and engineering know-how in electrochemical cell design, piloting, scale-up, and industrial plant engineering. NESI and ESC have worked together for years to develop and scale up new, ground-breaking electrochemical processes and cells.

At NESI, we are committed to filling critical gaps in renewable energy supply chains and revolutionizing process technologies for a greener tomorrow by the application of industrial electrochemistry. With our experienced team, state-of-the-art facilities, and strategic partnerships, we are well-positioned to help our clients achieve their electrochemical process needs.


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Experts in Industrial Electrochemistry.

If you’re looking for a sustainable solution for lithium conversion, treating and recovering chemical value from waste streams, or looking to develop a novel electrochemical process technology, there’s a good chance that NESI will have the experience, engineering expertise, and technology portfolio to accelerate your project.